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December 14, 2017

SUPERIORE’s Cool Flow System

We know that things in the kitchen can get a little hectic. Especially during the holidays, when new recipes are added to the menu and all the cooking tools are in use.

To help promote kitchen safety, SUPERIORE offers a unique exterior cooling technology built into our range appliances. Our Cool Flow system ensures your cooking experience is not only enjoyable, but also safe for everyone in the kitchen.

The exclusive Cool Flow System works by generating a flow of cold air from internal fans to cool the exterior surfaces of the range. The cold air flows over the exterior surfaces, such as the touch knobs, oven door and handles, keeping them cool to the touch and thereby preventing burns. This unique technology doesn’t hinder cooking performance either, only adjusting exterior surface temperatures. So your roast in the oven and the mashed potatoes on the cooktop enjoy even heat for optimal cooking.

The Cool Flow System is available in all of our SUPERIORE models. No matter the size of your kitchen or the range you choose, the Cool Flow System will be there to assist and ensure your cooking experience is safe from start to finish.