The advantages of SUPERIORE induction are its instant and precise heat adjustment, negligible energy loss, child safety, and ease of cleaning. Induction has the fastest time-to-boil performance and the best energy-saving ratio. On the 48'' NEXT models, SUPERIORE integrates the best cooking technology to achieve maximum versatility and performance.

This Trifuel® top-of-the-line worktop has 4 induction zones of 2,100 W of power each, with a 3,700 W turbo boost function, under elegant light grey ceramic glass. And for those who value charring on an open flame, there is a power gas 18,000 btu burner with simmer and a medium-sized 6,500 btu burner. The set is completed by the integrated electric griddle, with 1,150 W of power.

SUPERIORE designs high-end capacity ovens with dimensions of up to a full 6.7 cu.ft. (36'' model). A massive capacity which, thanks to 4 convection fans, guarantees even cooking with up to 6 simultaneous levels, preventing flavour cross-over.

Our gas oven maintains optimal moisture of food, so it is always tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, when the gas broiler is used to complete the baking. Our electric multi-mode self-clean is ideal to donate crispiness to all your salty or sweet pastries thanks also to our exclusive Home Chef System that will allow you to cook either by probe or by time, using the same techniques adopted by the best professional chefs.

Great results, together with small details to simplify life, like the easy-to-clean grey enamel finish, ore one standard set of fully extractable glide shelves for easy access to baking pans through total extraction. Small things that make our ovens great.

By virtue of our exclusive design, the oven door embodies our “form-for-function” credo. A part from its extraordinary strength, the internal surface is fully flush, without screws or gaps for an extra sleek look that guarantees fast and easy cleaning thanks also to the comfortable access to the internal glasses that can be intuitively removed. In addition, the triple layered glass door is engineered to grant maximum thermal insulation.

Opening and closing door’s perfect engineering has resulted in SUPERIORE soft-motion mechanism. Thanks to its excellent cushioning and balanced opening, the oven door can be left open in complete safety in any position along its arc.

The PANORAMA “wide screen” version gives the kitchen an unmistakable and unique high-tech appeal. The completely clear glass and two powerful halogen lights allow for constant monitoring throughout the cooking process, without any unwanted heat loss from opening the door. It also makes it great to look at.

Make a big impact with small details is essential to the SUPERIORE designers.

All SUPERIORE ranges are designed with exclusive features like our unique “Cool Flow System” that generates a flow of cold air thanks to inner fans that are engineered to keep real cool to the touch knobs, handle and exterior surfaces, to render our products not just safe, but grand-child-safe.

DECO glamor comes from the combination of the matte colors of its ranges and the metal tones of the art-deco knobs and handles. Black and cream ranges can be matched with elegant bronze finishes, red and black go with chrome, and the brown with gold or bronze. And for the most elegant traditional homes, the DUAL COLOR ranges, with cream control panel and black or brown body, which make the kitchen ambience reach the paramount of Italian sophisticated style.

Serious performances combined with flexibility and efficiency thanks to two 18,000 btu power burners, one with simmer, and in addition one 11,000 btu large burner, two 6,500 btu medium burners and one 3,600 btu small burner.

This is SUPERIORE, where efficiency is made possible by engineering solutions such as the inclined main burner ports, positioned toward the bottom of the pot to minimize heat loss and the unparalleled brass burners resistance to heat and aging. All this to deliver perfect cooking and professional results. The power burner with simmer allows to have the 750 btu necessary for gentle simmering. Vice versa for quick water boiling or for wok cooking, the power burners are able to deliver 18,000 btu of full power. Maximum, flexible power: this is efficiency according to SUPERIORE.

Stylish, recognizable SUPERIORE design, harmonious expression of eclecticism incorporated in one unique hood. Contemporary with a touch of high-tech thanks to its black glass, professional for its stainless steel thick shape and surprisingly retro at first glance for its analog control gauge. Stylistic solutions, materials and sophisticated details, matched with convenient functions such as the automatic shut-off option, that cleans the kitchen air with selected timing and speeds. All this is able to offer the unparalled NEXT hood, that can also work manually with its 600 cfm of ventilation capacity.

Far from the mainstream, we have combined the details, the colors and the finishes of our ranges and decorative hoods in a surprising fashion. Perfect appliances for the extraction of kitchen vapors, DECO hoods immediately set themselves apart for their unique style and for hallmark details, such as their unique chimney or barrel shaped canopies. The textured matte colors are matched with the metal finishes of the control knobs and bands.

DECO hoods are equipped with highly efficient and dishwasher-safe baffle filters. They have 900 or 600 cfm of extraction power and 2 warm halogen lights for illuminating the worktop. DECO hoods also have an automatic shut-off function that can clean the kitchen air in two ways: with maximum extraction capacity for 7 minutes, or with a super-silent cycle of only 30 dB for 30 minutes.

Look beyond the ordinary. Eight color hues, inspired by the Motor Valley vibe for racing, paired with four unique nishes.

These colors’ alchemies are composed and applied by the same body shops and with the same techniques used to paint the sport cars and motor bikes manufactured in the Valley, that will make the range the star of the kitchen.