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Range DECO 48" Classic - Stainless steel, Chrome

RD482GCS_C - 040050082

Range with a traditional design and an unparalleled level of cooking flexibility thanks to its 6 burners and griddle configuration. That is the ideal worktop for its 2 gas ovens with the main cavity equipped with 2 convection fans and broiler.

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Color Style Decò accents Fuel
Stainless steel, Chrome DECO Line Chrome Mixed Gas/Electric
Installation Version Levels Width
Free Standing Duct-out 1 48


Design Gas burners Gas brass burners ↳ Power burner with simmer (n° 1)
Squared worktop with bull nose 6 6 750--18,000 Btu/h (min -- max)
↳ Power burner (n° 1) ↳ Large burner (n° 1) ↳ Medium burner (n° 2) ↳ Auxiliary (n° 1)
4,750--18,000 Btu/h (min -- max) 2,750--11,000 Btu/h (min -- max) 2,050--6,500 Btu/h (min -- max) 1,100--3,600 Btu/h (min -- max)
Total gas power Grates Ignition Gas safety
63,600 Btu/h Cast Iron One Hand Thermocouples
Wok ring Simmer ring Interface Electric griddle Type
Standard Standard Knob Stailess Steel
Electric griddle Power Removable drip tray Backguard Island trim
1,150 W Standard Optional Standard

Oven cavity

Oven(s) Main oven type Auxiliary oven type Main oven functions
2 Gas Convection Oven with Gas Grill Gas
Auxiliary oven functions Oven convection fans Main overall cavity volume Auxiliary overall cavity volume
2 5.7 cu.ft 3.0 cu.ft
Main interior dimension (WxDxH) Auxiliary interior dimension (WxDxH) Enamel Enamel color
24" 13/16 x 19" 57/64 x 20" 31/64 9" 17/64 x 19" 55/64 x 31/64 Easy to Clean Light Grey
Smooth oven interior Oven control device Maximum cooking temperature Cooling fan
Standard Analog Thermometer 500 °F Standard
Door type Door design Glasses Main oven lights
Fully Flush Classic 3 2
Auxiliary oven lights      


telescopic glide shelves Main Oven wire shelves Auxiliary Oven wire shelves enamelled trays
1 set, main 2 1 1


Feet Stainless steel toekick    
Stainless Steel Adjustable Optional    

Connections and Warranty

Gas adjustment: natural gas Gas adjustment: LPG Voltage -- Frequency Certification
Standard Standard accessory- Model RN482GCS_SL 120 -- 6' V -- Hz CSA, Star-K
2 years