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Range with a contemporary design and an unparalleled level of cooking flexibility thanks to its 6 burner gas configuration. That is the ideal worktop for its extra-large gas oven equipped with 4 convection fans and broiler.

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Color Style Decò accents Fuel
Stainless steel NEXT Line Steel All Gas
Installation Version Levels Width
Free Standing Duct-out 1 36


Design Gas burners Gas brass burners ↳ Power burner with simmer (n° 1)
Squared worktop with bull nose 6 6 750 -- 18,000 Btu/h (min -- max)
↳ Power burner (n° 1) ↳ Large burner (n° 1) ↳ Medium burner (n° 2) Total gas power
4,750 -- 18,000 Btu/h (min -- max) 2,750 -- 11,000 Btu/h (min -- max) 2,050 -- 6,500 Btu/h (min -- max) 63,600 Btu/h
Grates Ignition Gas safety Wok ring
Cast Iron One Hand Thermocouples Standard
Simmer ring Interface Electric griddle Type Backguard
Standard Knob Cast Iron Optional
Island trim      

Oven cavity

Oven(s) Main oven type oven functions Oven convection fans
1 Gas Convection Oven with Gas Grill
overall cavity volume Main interior dimension (WxDxH) Enamel Enamel color
6.7 cu.ft 28" 3/4 x 19" 57/64 x 20" 31/64 Easy to Clean Light Grey
Smooth oven interior Oven control device Maximum cooking temperature Cooling fan
Standard Analog Thermometer 500 °F Standard
Door type Door design Glasses oven lights
Fully Flush Panorama 3 2


telescopic glide shelves Main Oven wire shelves enamelled trays trivet
1 set 2 1 1


Storage compartment Feet Stainless steel toekick  
Flap Opening Stainless Steel Adjustable Optional  

Connections and Warranty

Gas adjustment: natural gas Gas adjustment: LPG Voltage -- Frequency Certification
Standard Standard accessory- Model RN361GPS_SL 120 -- 60 V -- Hz CSA, Star-K
2 years