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March 23, 2017

How the best Italian sport cars have had an impact on SUPERIORE ranges

Recently inspired by an afternoon spent among automotive history, SUPERIORE Marketing Manager Gian Luca Geneletti reflected on the connection between Ferrari’s rich cultural history and the SUPERIORE brand. Read on for his musings:

I recently visited the Ferrari museum in Maranello. It was an incredibly extraordinary experience. From the moment I parked my car and walked into the building, I could feel the museum vibrating with passion and energy.

Driving home, I considered the impact that the Motor Valley district, an iconic landscape known for the motor industry’s most celebrated legends, has had on the SUPERIORE brand and its culture. This same passion ignited by the rich history of the Motor Valley is paramount to our work: from the way we create, design and manufacture our ranges and hoods, to the staff and engineers who have grown into life-long friends. The love and belief in our brand is what allows us to grow and excel.

Like Ferrari, the story of SUPERIORE is been rooted in the Italian countryside. Its heritage dates back to 1952 when Tecnogas was born, but with our recent expansion into North America, I can confidently say that our story is just beginning. Enzo Ferrari said “My motors have a soul” and feeling the same way about our SUPERIORE products, we look forward to creating a new chapter of exciting history!