Designed for real

June 08, 2017

How Gualtieri’s “Food Culture” has an impact on SUPERIORE

Every Friday, the beautiful main piazza of Gualtieri hosts the Farmers’ Market, featuring a variety of fruits and vegetables that fill the square, creating a visual feast for the eyes and attracting crowds of people from throughout the town.

The Farmers’ Market is a tradition that goes back for as long as I can remember. Its heritage and ongoing success can be traced back to the organic nature of the products that are sold – customers trust that the produce is harvested locally, without processing or damage from long-haul transportation.

This demonstrates the special culture of this town. The people of Gualtieri, including those who work with SUPERIORE, care about good quality ingredients to create delicious food.

This “food culture” (as it’s known here) is passed from one generation to another and is one of the key elements in defining SUPERIORE. Starting with product conception, how each range and hood are designed and manufactured, leading all the way to the customers who create real meals using wholesome ingredients, SUPERIORE is immersed in this food culture.

The Gualtieri Farmers’ Market is an influence on SUPERIORE’s Designed For Real mantra and we’re proud to bring this “food culture” to North America. From our ovens that boast larger cavities than any other in the market to our high-efficiency brass gas burners, our products are more than just beautiful to look at. They are designed for real people, for real food and for real living.

By Gian Luca Geneletti, Marketing Manager of SUPERIORE