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June 29, 2016

Burner Technology | Cooking with professional results

Our mission with the Tecnogas UPPER blog is to introduce our cooking systems that boast professional results - even if you just love being a chef home! Our technology offers unique burner configurations, each with their own functionality and flexibility. Let's take our 36" cooking surface as an example.

Two Superior Power Burners operate at 18,000 BTUs, creating a consistent source of high heat that is often difficult to maintain outside of restaurant environments. This functionality allows for home wok cooking and opening the door to serving up healthy and flavorful stir fry's, among other recipes.

Another welcome feature of the burners power is the ability to scale back the heat to as low as 750 BTUs. The ability of the simmering burners contributes to perfect poaching and braising and extra control for fine sauces. The 36" cooktop also features 11,000 BTUs one large burner, two medium 6,500 BTUs burners, and one small 3,600 BTU burner. Serious performance with flexibility and efficiency to match any style cooking.

What else will interest you about our burner technology? We've sloped main burner ports, positioned inwards So THAT the pot creates a seal, minimizing heat loss and providing a more rapid time-to-boil. And, committed to the best quality materials, our brass burners on the cooktop UPPER are resistant to damage and aging.