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January 06, 2017

A look back at our favorite Italian restaurants on our U.S. Road Trip

2016 marked the launch of TOP in the North American market and during our journey, we had the privilege of hosting several influencers dinners in cities across the US, experiencing beautiful restaurants with incredible atmosphere and delicious cuisine. For anyone searching for an authentic food experience in these cities, you're in luck! Here's a list of our favorite spots.

Valentino - Santa Monica, CA

We visited Santa Monica in November for the WestEdge Design Fair , and our time spent there was nothing short of amazing. UPPER hosted a private dinner for our Almo premium partners and new design-industry friends at the Italian-neighborhood favorite Valentino. With a world-class wine cellar and elegantly crafted cuisine, Valentino offered an authentic experience thousands of miles from home. Based on personal experience, we'd recommend the Tagliatelle al Ragu, Spinach Gnocchi and Grilled Branzino at Livornese.

Nonna - Dallas, TX

Grandma in Dallas is a top-rated culinary destination. With an ever-changing locally-sourced menu, a renowned chef, excellent reviews from Bon Appetit magazine and the NY Times, we were incredibly excited to dine there. But alas, we could not get a reservation and we ended up eating at a restaurant that does not deserve a review in our blog! But darn it, next time we're in Dallas, we're headed to Grandma!

Barbuto - New York City, NY

New York, New York - one of the most incredible places in America, and the world, for fantastic food. We visited the Big Apple last March for the Arch Digest Design Show and while our trip was short and sweet, we're still dreaming about our time at Barbuto . Set in a renovated garage airy space, Barbuto offers customers a full view of their open kitchen while serving up plates of Bucatini alla Carbonara, baked chicken and roasted trout.

Osteria La Spiga - Seattle, WA

Last spring we UPPER launched on the west coast and visited Seattle. During our time there, we enjoyed an incredible meal at Osteria La Spiga with our West Coast designer and influencer friends. Described as fresh, seasonal and sublime, delicate their menu includes authentic classics like Lasagne Verdi, Pie Eggplant and Hunter.

Vito's Chop House - Orlando, FL

We have not been to Orlando yet, but as we look forward to KBIS 2017 next week, Vito's Chop House is on our list of restaurants to visit. This classic steakhouse with an Italian twist offers an intimate atmosphere with an extensive wine list and sophisticated dishes like Rigatoni Rustica and Swordfish au Poivre. Also we've heard fantastic things about their Limoncello Mascarpone dessert - Yum!