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December 20, 2016

Stainless Steel Care

Stainless steel ranges and ventilation hoods add durability and metallic style to any kitchen. While the name implies resistance to grease and grime, stainless steel can still become dirty with smudges and splatters from cooking. Our SUPERIORE products are designed for real cooking, which usually leads to a real mess!

Embrace the mess and don’t stress!

We’ve come up with an easy home solution for cleaning and polishing your stainless steel range and ventilation hood, without breaking the bank or using harmful chemicals, for a flawless finish every time!

Step 1: Understand the direction of the grain

Just like wood, steel also has a surface grain. Cleaning in the same direction will always ensure a shiny surface and while cleaning against the grain will not ruin your appliances, it can cause residue to seep deeper into the surface texture.

Step 2: Gather cleaning supplies

Here’s what you’ll need for a spotless finish:

  • 3 non-abrasive cleaning cloths, preferably 100% cotton
  • Mild dish soap or white vinegar
  • Mineral or baby oil


Step 3: Cleaning your appliances

Start by applying a small amount of dish soap to one of the cloths and rinse with a small amount of water, making the cloth damp. If you don’t have mild dish soap on hand, dampen your cloth with some white vinegar.

Next, take your cloth and wipe along the grain line, repeating over areas with more stubborn stains.

Finish by wiping away any water marks and residue with a clean, dry cloth.

Step 4: Polishing

Take your remaining dry cloth and pour a small amount of mineral or baby oil onto the surface. Similar to cleaning, take the cloth and rub onto the steel surface following the grain.

Once your range and ventilation hood have been cleaned and polished, you will have perfectly restored stainless steel surfaces to enjoy!

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