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Hood with a unique design expressed by its retro volumes, the matte color and the stainless steel frontal fascia enriched by the exclusive metal bands finishing.

Color Available

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Color Style Decò accents Fuel
Red matte, Chrome DECO Line Chrome Full Electric
Installation Version Levels Width
Wallmount - Undermount Duct-out 1 48''
Height Of Fascia Depth    
4'' 47/64 24''    


Blower(s) Maximum aspiration capacity Speed settings Halogen lights
1 600 cfm 4 2
Noise level Pressure Filters Control
30 - 58 dB(A) (min -- max) 540 (Pa) Stainless Steel Baffle Buttons
Adjustable chimney Charcoal filters    
Standard Optional    

Connections and Warranty

Voltage -- Frequency Max amp usage -- Power rating Certification Warranty
120 -- 60 V -- Hz 3.3 -- 400 A -- W CSA 2 years