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February 14, 2017

Designed for Real Romance: Valentine’s Day

This week the world Celebrated Valentine's Day! Looking to understand true love? We spoke with TOP's Marketing Manager Gian Luca Geneletti, who filled us in on his romantic plans and what Valentine's Day means to him.

Q: Italian culture is all about the art of love. What does "romance" mean to you?

A: True romance for me is in the art of surprising my wife, Lejda, with the little things that show her that she is constantly on my mind. This, to me, is how to express true love for the long run, and I'm sure she appreciates it!

Q: What were your plans this Valentine's Day?

A: Valentine's Day is always an opportunity to take some time for ourselves and spend quality time with my wife. As we have four children together, and very busy schedules, we are lucky if we're able to share a weekend together! This holiday is a time to celebrate, so we started in the morning with little gifts for each other and ended the night with dinner. We love exploring new restaurants and enjoying real quality food. This year we experienced "Da Luca", the new restaurant that just opened right in the main square of Gualtieri! It was excellent!

Q: What advice do you have for someone looking to bring the romance of Valentine's Day into everyday life?

A: My advice is to remember the little things, and always try to surprise your loved one. Even the smallest gestures show your significant other the love and care you have for them!