Designed for real

August 30, 2016

Customize your DECO experience

Kitchens are not just for cooking. In the kitchen, you experience inspiration, creativity, and style. Our DECO line of performance ranges are a testament to this concept – functionality meets beautiful design.

The collection is inspired by the last century Italian Art-Deco design and offers unique customization, offering a choice of four unique, matte range colors and three sophisticated trim finishes. And, the face of the range can be designed with a dual color option. Picture your next dream range with a chic, cream control panel and black or brown body.

The textured matte colors include Classic Black, Brown, Cream, and Red. These are paired with the metal finishes of intricately detailed control knobs and bands, available in polished Chrome, Bronze, and Jewelry Gold.

We invite you to create a beautiful combination that speaks to you. The Tecnogas SUPERIORE DECO Collection is here to offer the appliance aesthetics you want with the efficient cooking flexibility you need. View more on the collection here.