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March 01, 2021

The SUPERIORE difference; the Iconic Details of LA CUCINA Line colors

SUPERIORE has many tangible differences from others, that set our products apart. One of these differences is how we conceive DESIGN.

DESIGN is applied to LA CUCINA colored ranges like no other brands does; we color the entire product, PANORAMA door, control panel, toe-kick and sides because we know how important these details are to have a perfect match of our range into a “designer-kitchen” and for this reason we do realize our product without any compromise in terms of ultra-premium materials and finishing. This is the SUPERIORE difference.

LA CUCINA colored ranges are now available in USA through Signature Marketing Group that has some colors immediately available, like the LA CUCINA in STELLAR Aubergine mod. RL361GPV_S_ that features an ultra-glossy finish that is realized with ultra-tiny metal particles that donates an allure like no others in your kitchen.

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