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May 14, 2018

Richard Anuszkiewicz takes on Milan for EuroCucina 2018

As the winner of the SNAP with SUPERIORE photography contest, interior designer Richard Anuszkiewicz was sent on the trip of a lifetime to visit Milan Design Week. During his trip, he attended EuroCucina and also received a tour of the SUPERIORE factories in Gualtieri. We interviewed Richard to get his take on his adventures in Italy!

1. Tell us a little bit about your trip to Milan! What were your some of your favorite sights and experiences?

Milan Design Week is always an inspirational whirlwind. Some of the most special memories from this trip happened when I got to visit more “off the grid” places, such as Lago D’Orta a beautiful lake area north of the city and Gualtieri the village where the SUPERIORE product is manufactured.  

2. What would you say was the highlight of visiting EuroCucina?  

It was interesting to see how much darker finishes were represented at the show. From cabinetry to counters to hardware, accessories and plumbing. This is very telling of where the industry is trending towards from a material and color direction. While white and neutrals are forever classic, it is refreshing to see many beautiful dark tones come back into play.  

3. Tell us about the SUPERIORE dinner with the #DesignHounds !

The #DesignHounds team always has a fantastic way of bringing people together. It was very gracious for SUPERIORE to host an authentic multi-course Italian dinner for the group at Convivium Ristorante. Designers from all over North America gathered to celebrate and toast each other’s company and comradery.   

4. What was the best part about the SUPERIORE factory tour? 

One of the coolest things on the factory tour was turning the corner and seeing the North American country flags flying high over the production line. The SUPERIORE products, while inspired by Italian design and heritage, have really been designed to meet the standards and needs of the North American market. This was something I understood and appreciated much more upon touring the factory.  

5. As a designer, what is the benefit of attending Milan Design Week? 

The biggest benefit to me to be a part of Milan Design Week is to get a true global perspective on the industry. Many products showcased are on the forefront of new ideas, technologies and materials. There are many other fantastic events, sites and inspiration to be found around the city as well.